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Master The Art of Public Speaking

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Written by Maurice DiMino   

Public Speaking: Skills you need for Public Speaking

Helpful Public Speaking Tips


According to effective public speaking tips, you need to be confident to present your ideas before an audience. It’s often our fear that holds us back and makes us sweat before we take the stage. So, prepare well in advance to overcome your public speaking fear. You should not only make your presentation interesting enough to keep your audience captivated, but should also know your audience well. Find out what interests and excites your audience as that would help you to prepare yourself accordingly. Remember to encourage your audience to participate and ask questions (within a particular time frame that you allow or else, the presentation may go off the track). Once you are able to tug at their heart strings and make the connection, they will be happy listening to you and even willing to help you succeed. 

To become a good public speaker, you should choose topics that excite you and your audience. Unless you are excited discussing the things yourself, your audience won’t feel engaged. So, show your excitement while making your presentation and you will soon feel the same excitement doing the rounds of the room.

It’s important to have some stories or personal experiences related to the topic as back-ups to cover for blunders that may happen. Don’t feel ashamed if you forget your lines in the middle of your presentation. Rather, use some humor, jokes or personal stories to make the matter light. Return to your papers stacked on the music stand or on the table, leaf through them quickly to see where you were and pick up from there after your story or joke has ended.

Use appropriate body language, movements and gestures on the stage to drive home the message that you wish to share. However, don’t overdo or it will take away the attention of your audience and the importance of the message will be lost.

Try to squeeze out some main points from your entire presentation. You can call these “golden nuggets”. Remember – it’s always better to give a few specific points to your audience that they can work upon rather than sharing a long laundry list. So, make their task easy by focusing on the most important parts of your speech and cutting out all other fluff mercilessly.

Lastly, while wrapping up your public speaking presentation, give a brief overview of what was it all about. A strong ending is equally important as a strong beginning, as both go a long way in creating a mark on your listeners’ minds.

So, develop these skills to convert your speech from dull to dynamic.


Maurice DiMino is The Sicilian Mentor.  Maurice is an award winning speaker, author and mentor. He created the Sicilian Mentor Speaking and Presentation Template. Executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities have used his template and they have turned their Number #1 fear of public speaking into their number one asset. Across the business spectrum, Maurice’s clients have sold more products, converted more prospects into raving fans, and they have raised the awareness of causes and charities across America.